This weekend saw a lot of action on the Raleigh sports scene with the Canes dominating the Devils up in Jersey and North Carolina FC playing to a draw versus Miami. Raleigh City Sports was out at the NCFC game and we had a blast tailgating and taking in the game. We all agree on one thing: Gabriel Farfan is no friend of ours!


MIKE: What a weekend! NCFC played tough and Fondy has a really nice goal, but Farfan and those jerks from Miami almost ruined my night. That was until Moneybags brought a sweet housewarming gift for me and the lady. We’ve been there almost four years. Still, a nice gesture and a good start to the season.

JP: I had a really great time this weekend at the NCFC game. The atmosphere was great and it was nice to tailgate before the game. Wish the boys got a win, but from what I saw it looks promising. That Farfan guy from Miami was a total jabroni by the way.

Moneybags Smythe: Drinks were on Moneybags at 42nd Street Oyster Bar this weekend. I believe my credit card is still behind that bar, so tab could still be open. The RCS tailgate at the home opener was great, we were probably the only crew at Wake Med not kicking around a ball. So now we know what to bring to the next home game. Fondy’s $$$ first touch and rip in the 4th minute was a great way to open the season. Hope Lance Laing recovers fast.

FITZ: A few things to be excited about from the weekend:

  1. I went 2-0-1 in my bets and my 9 to 1 bet on a UNC national championship from January is looking strong!
  2.  Jeff Skinner just beasting everybody. 10 goals in 10 games? Getting back to the 30 goal plateau? Having the best season since his rookie year? I think Jeff might be the winner of the Raleigh City Sports Winter Athlete Of The Year. Finally tally will come in a few weeks.
  3. NCFC game was fantastic. Great energy. Squad looked good. Looking forward to seeing a lot of these opponents coming through a few times. Gonna get to know them real well. Only issue at tailgate was lack of port-a-potties. There was two for the whole lot, which required some planning on how to optimize consumption versus travel to the don’s john. Looking forward to the season ahead.
  4. Props to men’s swimming at NC State on their fourth place finish at the national championships!