NCFC and Courage Show Off Their Sponsors

On Monday afternoon, North Carolina FC and North Carolina Courage unveiled their new kit sponsors for the 2017 season.  We’ve reviewed both kits here and here, but today we got to see who’s going to help the revenue stream of the clubs. NC Courage revealed a familiar sponsor at Wake Med Soccer Park with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina taking over as the front sponsor for the women’s side. Circle K will sponsor the front of North Carolina FC with Advanced Auto taking over some space on the sleeve. Both Courage and NCFC will have Continental Tires take over the real estate on the back jerseys.

As in previous kit pieces, we’ll throw it to the staff for their takes:

JP: National accounts. Pretty big. Why would national accounts sponsor a division 2 team? Because they’re destined for bigger things.

JFK: I think it’s a positive start. All of these are well-known, national brands that should have deep pockets. It shows that Steve Malik can get major players in the business community to pony up some cash and support both franchises. Corporate sponsorship is the name of the game at the highest level of sports

JET: I think the Circle K sponsorship is great since it can spread the word that it isn’t just K. For the longest time I thought it was just K, until I was with my fiance and she explained to me it was Circle K because it has a circle around the K. It’ll do wonders for the company’s branding.

FITZ: I like the auto theme of North Carolina FC. People who take care of their cars are practical and gritty, so no better sponsors to have.

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