ACC Semifinal Stuff

UNC v Duke

I’ll keep this brief. UNC lost to a good team on a neutral court. Not a big deal because conference tournaments do little to help already established teams. However, last night a portion of UNC fans restarted the “Fire Roy Williams” twitter again.

First up is Brooks. You’re right, terrible coach.

Then noted basketball expert Rodney Rikai chimed in:

Our Take:

We understand this is  a weird sect of Carolina fans but  we recommend those people get a life. UNC fans don’t get to complain. At least not yet. Also, go load up on the Tar Heels to win it all. Odds are looking good right now ( Disclaimer: I locked in on UNC at 10-1 a few weeks ago).

Notre Dame vs Duke

Bonzi Colson looked pretty solid playing hoop ball and, guys, I didn’t watch this game. But enjoy the awesome Sebastian Aho goal from Thursday night against Rangers.