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ACC Tourney: Its Friday!

All of our rooting interests have exited the Big City, so sorry if we’re a little distracted. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend

On a scale of 1-10, how pumped are you for the Duke/Carolina rubber match tomorrow?

MIKE: 10! Man, I am amped!! Can’t get enough!

JFK: 9. I think it will be a great game but I’m not looking forward to the media gushing.

FITZ: 4. Game will only matter to the fanbase who doesn’t win a national champioship.

Moneybags: 5- I hate that one team will win, I love that one team will lose.

Of the remaining teams, who has the best looking alumni?

MIKE: FSU. No doubts. No other responses need

JFK: FSU in a walk.

FITZ: NC State without a DOUBT! They’re still alive in every other winter sport!


What TV shows are we binge watching right now?

MIKE: Old school. Going back to The Office.

JFK:  The wife and I are re-watching Entourage. I’m watching Man in the High Castle. And I reactivated WWE Network … nWo 4 life!

FITZ: Brooklyn Nine Nine We pretty much have that show on a constant loop.

Moneybags: The High Court with Doug Benson is a brilliant new show.  Other than that, just sportz, and def props to Krane for the WWE renaissance.

Which remaining ACC coach is most like your father/grandfather? And why?

MIKE: Leonard Hamilton may be my grandpa. Big bald guy and definitely intense.

JFK: None of the remaining, but Tony Bennett is my grandfather. Not flashy, no nonsense, defense wins championships…except last night.

FITZ: Not feeling any of the remaining but I’m going with Jim Larranaga. Look at his moves!