BASKETBALL Outside Raleigh


Day two is in the books and it involved a cranky old man and a bloody shirt. No real upsets so far but we’re thinking today may be the day.

Is Boeheim a genius? Syracuse may not make big dance and everybody is talking about Greensboro.


JP: Boeheim somehow made Greensboro look cool with their response on Twitter. Just seemed like an unnecessary callout, so I’m glad he got burned.

MIKE: If by genius you mean asshole, then yes, he’s a genius. Syracuse could’ve stayed in the old Big East, played in the Garden and had zero stability.

JFK: Don’t know if Boeheim is a genius. He’s certainly cranky. But he also knows how to manipulate the ADD media. Cutting a heel promo on Greensboro is a great distraction from Cuse missing the NCAA tournament.

FITZ: Yea he is. Also, he’s weirdly obsessed with taking down a small city .

MONEYBAGS: Boeheim def a genius. He won me $587 as a 12-seed in a Calcutta tourney last year. They will make tourney again this year, as a 12.5 seed.

What would have been Luke Maye’s best skill in caveman times?

JP: That picture weirds me out. This is still the best Cavemen commercial

MIKE: I’d say being the 8th best hunter in a really strong cave. Guy knows his role.

JFK: Making fire.

FITZ: Arrowhead/spear maker

MONEYBAGS: That dude crushes the boards. Unfortunately, that makes him a gatherer, not a hunter.

Anyone want to change their predictions?

JP:  I just hope Florida State smokes Va Tech.

MIKE: Sticking with Louisville.

JFK: No. My Wake sleeper pick flamed out tonight, but I’m sticking with the UNC/ND final.

FITZ: Yea, I’m not feeling Syracuse anymore.

MONEYBAGS:  UVA all the way!

Wildcard: Just talk about something on your mind

JP: March has been a good month for movies between Get Out and Logan. Arsène Wenger should not sign a contract extension at Arsenal. I hope it doesn’t snow this weekend.

MIKE: What’s the deal with airports?!? Am I right!?!? For real though, I want to give a shout out to JFK for calling the Boeheim shenanigans.

JFK:  All of this tournament venue talk made me think. The ACC should rotate between NYC (Old Big East venue), DC (neutral site with decent attendance) and GSO (Old ACC venue). Forget everywhere else. Tampa didn’t work in 2007, and Florida consistently disappoints for fan interest. Atlanta is SEC territory. And we all know how we feel about Charlotte.

FITZ: Summer House on Bravo has been a pleasant surprise.

MONEYBAGS: I like Chili’s appiteazers. Can we do a ranking?

Most anticipated matchup for day 3?

JP: Duke-Louisville is the game to watch tomorrow.

MIKE:  FSU / VT. Two super athletic teams. Should be a fun matchup.
JFK: Very interested in Duke/Louisville.

FITZ:  UNC -Miami. Interested to see how UNC comes out to play.

MONEYBAGS: Miami beating UNC