BASKETBALL Outside Raleigh

ACC Tourney: Post Day 1 Thoughts

Nothing too surprising during the first day of the ACC Tournament. Only one of the three games came down to the wire but there’s plenty to talk about going into day 2.

Any surprises from Tuesday?

FITZ: I’d say I was most surprised by Pitt. They hit big shots against a good GA Tech team and shut down Josh Okogie.

JFK: Not really. Everything went like I thought it would. Figured State might play with a little pride but should have known better.

JP: Did Austin Arians read Fitz’s comments about his no neck? He had a good day from beyond the arc.

Mike: No surprises. Pack looked like sh*t (hot garbage). Wake keeps playing well. No surprises.

Moneybags Smythe:  Uhhhh NC State lost?

How tough is the “neighborhood” (Raleigh-Durham- Chapel Hill) former NC State Coach Gottfried described Tuesday afternoon?

FITZ: No doubt it’s tougher than any other college basketball “neighborhood” but don’t be mislead. Gott wasn’t shown the door because of his inability to outperform Duke or UNC. He was let go because the program is in shambles. Coach Gott is marketing himself for another job.

JFK: Man, ole Gott is starting to sound like the national media already. He’ll fit right in at ESPN for his second stint.

I have always rejected the premise that State’s geographic proximity to Duke and UNC somehow make it more difficult for it to compete against the two blue bloods than other schools. They aren’t all pulling players exclusively from the Triangle or North Carolina.

I also reject the argument that State’s proximity to Duke and UNC create unreasonable expectations. State has the facilities, financial support and fan demand to be a consistent contender. If anything, it has better support than a lot of other ACC schools.

JP: I think Gottfried is starting to believe himself to be more of a martyr than a coach that lost control.

Mike:  I get it, the guy just got fired and that can’t feel great, but the “tough neighborhood” bit is getting old. Mark Gottfried didn’t get fired because of Duke and Carolina. He should’ve been worried about those outside of “the neighborhood.”

Moneybags Smythe: He will soon be back on the streets, so apparently it’s about to get a lot “tougher”.

Based on Tuesday’s play do you think any of these winners can make some noise?

FITZ: Wake Forest. Ole Austin “No Neck” Arians and Josh Collins look like they could win one more.

JFK: I stand by my pick of Wake Forest. BC hung around in the first half, but the Deacs covered. I think they will beat VT and advance. After that, who knows.

JP: I think Wake Forest will take down Va Tech and get into the quarterfinals.

Mike: I think Wake can really play and the match-up with VPI should be a good one. I also never trust FSU away from Tallahassee. So who knows, but I could see them in the semi’s.

Moneybags Smythe: I would say Pitt has a chance to have a winning record…..but nahhhhhhhhh. UVA will win the tourney.

Which Day 2 matchup/player are you most looking forward to watching?

FITZ: Syracuse vs Miami because I want to see Coach Larranaga dance and Coach Boeheim bitch about something. Pitt vs Virginia because I’ve watched State play all year and I’d like to see some defense.

JFK: I’m looking for a Clemson upset of Duke. The Tigers took the Devils to the wire in Cameron last month. Not saying it will happen, but it’s one I’ll keep an eye on.

JP: Clemson-Duke will be fun since Duke barely beat them earlier this year.

Mike:  I’m most excited about the Syracuse/Miami game. I don’t like either team, but there should be some pretty good guard play.

Moneybags Smythe: Syracuse/Miami……is this a win and in game?