The Time Darren Rovell Blocked Me

Before we launched Raleigh City Sports I was more of a consumer than a producer on Twitter. However, when I did tweet it was usually as a troll. I’m a better person now and am much more polite on Twitter. This is my story and apology to Darren Rovell.

Last summer, I was getting pretty fired up reading all the tweets praising Steph Curry and how wonderful he was. Some might say, “But Fitz, you are a North Carolina guy, why so mad at Curry?” I was born in North Carolina, but a few months before I was born my family moved from Cleveland. I was raised an Indians, Browns, and Cavs fan and endured all the pain that accompanies rooting for such teams.

In June of 2016 the Warriors built something that made me realize the Cavs (and Cleveland), despite having everything lined up for them, could be denied a championship because of this once in a lifetime team and shooter. This had me very irritated and after enduring the 2015 Finals the last thing I wanted to hear was more Curry praising.

Then on the eve of the NBA Finals, ESPN’s encyclopedia Darren Rovell tweeted out a story about Stephen Curry and Under Armour as being underdogs.

The story was more about Under Armour success than it was about Steph Curry, but I’d had enough of the media referring to Curry as an underdog. I then decided to let Darren have a piece of my mind, figuring my opinion would have such a strong impact that he would change the title of his article:

Not too bad. Just letting Darren know, “Hey bud, Mr. Curry isn’t really an underdog because of who his father is, and if that isn’t enough he was a top ten pick in the draft”.

Well, I then became even more fired up. The cyber bullying had to be elevated one more notch and I knew Darren’s contract with ESPN was up soon, so I replied one more time. I can’t seem to find the tweet but I’m pretty sure this is what I said:

  “@darrenrovell when is espn going to realize it’s bad business paying you?”

Get it? Business reporter for espn? Bad business? It was a low blow by me. Well, I wasn’t the only one to think it was out of bounds because Darren blocked me on Twitter. I get it, one should never make light of anyone’s job status even if they are annoying you.

Well, I’m here to apologize to you, Darren. I got caught up in the moment and I deserved being blocked. Everyday, I see tweets on my timeline that references one of your tweets and appears to me as “tweet unavailable” and I realize this is my scarlet letter (except I don’t wear anything). I’ll make a deal with you Darren, if you unblock me I will clue you in on all the sports happenings in the greatest city in North Carolina. If you agree just click on over and unblock @FITZRCS .

In the end everything worked out for all parties. The Cavs won the championship and Darren got a multi year contract extension with ESPN. While things are a little rough between us right now, I look forward to being Darren Rovell’s Raleigh correspondent in the near future.

Update 2/27/2017 08:02 AM

Darren Rovell has unblocked Fitz on Twitter. By doing so, Fitz has become the official unofficial Raleigh correspondent for Darren Rovell.