Takes Of Takes: Our Takes On The National NC State Narrative

Since the firing of Mark Gottfried, the national media has been dropping hot takes on why NC State shouldn’t have nice things.

According to the national guys, taking a surface-level look at Gott’s six-year run — and not digging into the details of what’s currently wrong with the program — is good enough to make an educated guess that NC State is a bad job due to “unrealistic expectations.”

In contrast,  the local media doesn’t find fault with NC State’s decision because they’ve been exposed to the happenings around the program.

Interestingly, it took until Monday for one of the national talking heads to reach out to local media to have a discussion about the opening. We, like most hot-blooded Raleighites, are all fired up over all the articles depicting the job and the fan base in a negative light. So here are our takes of their takes (Takes Of Takes … we’ve trademarked it).


You know, I heard it again this morning from Jay Williams. He took Jay Bilas’ talking points word for word on Mike & Mike to follow up on Calipari’s comments this weekend.

It is absolutely crazy to me that local newspapers and beat writers are actively defending the move Debbie Yow made, while national writers, with zero clue about the situation, take LITERALLY, decade old talking points and a 30,000-foot view instead of getting informed and learning about the situation.

Joe Ovies brought up an excellent point last week on 99.9 when he said something along the lines of “Just call us! We’d be more than happy to explain it you!” when talking about national “experts.”

In the end, who’s really surprised, though? All we can do is make the right hire and make them shove it in years to come.


The national media backlash is hardly surprising. But it’s still infuriating.

You can substitute the NC State/Gottfried references with literally any other school/coach combination that isn’t considered a blue-blood (UNC, Duke, UCLA, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, et al). This article is the same as the crap I read after BC let Tom O’Brien walk and fired Al Skinner (for the record, I think firing Skinner was a mistake).

How DARE a school like State aspire to better things! How DARE they try to upend the natural order of the college basketball universe! Shut up and know your role! Be happy with occasional trips to the NCAA! Be careful what you wish for!

They don’t watch every game. They don’t know what’s going on. They just bury schools for wanting more than what they think the schools deserve.

But there are plenty of programs that aren’t blue-bloods that have won big. Remember UConn? A nothing program that the right coach built into a monster that has won 4 national titles? And State isn’t a nothing program.

So screw ’em. Ignore the noise, TAKE YOUR TIME, make the best hire you can, and build a championship program. The right coach is out there.


For a bit of background, I attended and currently support an ACC school that is neither NC State, UNC, nor Duke. We recently went through a bit of a drawn-out coaching change that was well publicized, so I can understand State fans’ frustration. I was not really monitoring the situation that closely, but I read multiple articles today from the national media and local writers.

Writers like Gary Parrish (not a fan of his style) and John Rothstein went for the low-hanging fruit and absolutely should have done a little bit more digging before dishing out those hot, spicy takes. But I also think that the university did not cover themselves in glory by leaking Gottfried’s dismissal and then firing him publicly with a few games to go. I understand the need to keep a mass exodus of players from happening, but when you do things like that you are setting yourself up for columns like these.

NC State will be absolutely fine in their quest for a new coach. Who wouldn’t want to coach in the ACC with a program that needs a little work? I think Debbie Yow needs to tighten up the ship, though. Just don’t let her hire a golfing buddy.


Friends of Raleigh: Joe Ovies, Andrew Carter, Al Featherston

Enemies of Raleigh: Gary Parrish, Jon Rothstein, Pete Thamel

Adam and Joe (99.9 The Fan) had the infamous Gary Parrish on the airwaves Monday afternoon. Gary seemed to acknowledge he didn’t know all the specifics surrounding the program this year and kept referring to Coach Gottfried’s first four seasons. Parrish’s main point is coaches talk to each other and perpetuate the perception that NC State is a tough job because unrealistic expectations placed on the coach.

Listen, who wants a coach who doesn’t want a job because it’s too tough? If that’s the reason a coach passes on the job, then by all means move along.

Also, the slotting by the national media of where certain programs belong is annoying, but my man JFK pretty much covered it above.

NC State is a good job, and if they knock the hire out of the park, then it can be a top-four ACC program, hold their own against UNC/Duke, and make the tournament easily on a consistent basis.

I’ve learned to vent to the national guys on Twitter by just tweeting #expert below their posts. It makes me feel better without losing my mind.

For those listed as enemies, I really hope you’ll be eating crow a few years from now. Unfortunately, you won’t be held accountable for your trash takes because you’ll be determining what the next school on your list deserves.