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RECAP: Hurricanes Drop Fifth Straight

This is Raleigh City Sports, with a live look at PNC Arena!

Dumpster Fire

Alright, alright. Little melodramatic, I know. But the turdburger the ‘Canes have been serving has now made its fifth-straight appearance on the menu. Carolina lost to Pittsburgh 3-1 at PNC Arena Tuesday night.

Granted, the Penguins aren’t the team you want to face when looking for a bounce-back win. But it doesn’t change the calculus. Things aren’t looking great for the Hurricanes’ playoff chances. Blame me for writing that overly optimistic playoff forecast piece I wrote a few weeks ago. More on outlook later.

Cliff Notes: You know, we actually looked decent in this one, but couldn’t get it done. It’s just obvious that the Pens are much better (hot take right there — that’s why you turn to JFK for an insider’s perspective on hockey).

Scott Wilson put Pittsburgh in front early in the first. But Jeff Skinner responded with this power play score:

The Hurricanes actually outshot Pittsburgh for a stretch after this, but couldn’t capitalize. Sidney Crosby scored on a second-period 5-3 power play. Evgeni Malkin added another in the third.

Storm Category: A category 2 hurricane that just stays out to sea and never makes it to shore. There are a couple of named storms every year that just spin out in the middle of the Atlantic. Yeah, we played better than we have. But we never made landfall so what’s the point?

Enemy of the City: This is a preemptive strike. The Quebec media. If we keep losing, I’m sure they’ll start stirring up relocation rumors again.

What’s Next?: The Ottawa Senators are the immediate task at hand. Then the Calgary Flames to finish off what has been an ugly 5-game homestead so far.

More troubling is the fact that the Hurricanes are now dead last in the Eastern Conference. We’re even behind the struggling Red Wings. Things need to turn around in a hurry. We’re now a whopping 10 points out of the last wild card spot.

Good night, that is all.

Jeff Skinner Photo Credit Gregg Forwerck, Carolina Hurricanes.