The Crossings Sign

Duffin’ Around With JFK: The Crossings

My latest golf travails led me to the far-off land of Durham. And it was a travail. A painful, laborious effort that produced my most miserable score in years.

My wife was having a baby shower, so I needed something to do aside from look at her open boxes of bouncy seats, strollers and outfits. I got to put the bouncy seats together all last weekend.

GolfNow put me onto The Crossings, which is off NC 98 north of RTP. We got out there for $21 for 18 and a cart at noon. That’s one of the better deals I’ve been able to find around here on a Saturday. It was the cheapest option on this particular day. Some of the other courses were trying to get $40. Eff that.

I’ll just go ahead and say it — this was not my favorite course. It wasn’t in horrible shape, but the greens left a lot to be desired. Yes, it’s offseason and nothing is going to be immaculate. But some of the other courses I’ve played recently are a little nicer.

Part of the reason I didn’t particularly like it was probably because I sucked. It was one of those rounds where I hit the ball pretty well, but kept missing by just enough to screw myself.

As usual, played from the blues, which I probably shouldn’t do. Normally the blues leave some of those longish, 180-yard par 3s that mess me up because it’s an in-between distance that I can’t figure out to save my life. But The Crossings blues are short — only about 6100 yards.

The course’s website says it “demands pinpoint accuracy” and that’s a fact. I’m not a long hitter, but I found myself running out of room on a lot of the holes. Not because I was blasting it long, but because there is a ton of trouble. A slight pull off the tee usually ended up completely dead, kicking down into the woods. Unlike some other courses in the area, there really aren’t any places to bail out if you don’t hit it right on the screws.

There’s quite a bit of agua to navigate. That’s probably why the call it The Crossings. Because you’re constantly crossing over creeks. It makes for a picturesque round. Naturally, I splashed a few.

If you aren’t accurate, you are going struggle on this course, bottom line. Combine that with my horrendous short game and you have a recipe for a disaster. Hitting the ball solidly just isn’t good enough. I know I sound like a whiner, but it’s the truth.

One hole I really liked — the signature 12th. It’s an island green with a little TPC Sawgrass feel. I actually hit a decent shot and didn’t dump it into the drink.

The Crossings
The Crossings’ signature 12 hole

By the end of the round I was freezing and my back was killing me. The Crossings kicked my butt. If you want a good challenge, give it a try. It’s a pretty good deal … but it has some teeth.