FUTURESPORTZ- Introducing Rocket League- In Real Life Concept

Like Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla and the kid from Sing Street, I consider myself somewhat of a futurist.  Unfortunately, sports tend not to be inherently futuristic: their legacy relies on enduring outdated rules, traditional performance metrics (stat guys) and paying constant homage to past standout performers.  Sports are tough to come up with nowadays (only semi-recent new concept is the WWE?), but us futurists will have to do so- or else be stuck with the boringness of baseball for all eternity.

Enter Rocket League, the incredible 2015 car-soccer video game from developer Psyonix.  Outside of playing Liverpool Manager Mode in FIFA 2017, this is the most fun game out there: fast-paced, short games, lots of goals, high-flying cars and explosions!  The only thing better than playing would be…..watching REAL Rocket League live.

Most of you that have played might be thinking, “uh, people would die all the time”.  First of all, gladiators were pretty badass.  Secondly, it could be played as a robotics/drone game in its nascent years, and work its way up to real drivers akin to monster truck derbies.  Remember the old Comedy Central show Battlebots in the early 2000s?  A nerd kid and his uncle would put a piece of sheet metal on wheels, call it a robot, and send it out to fight a piece of plywood with a hammer attached to it.  When you compare the bots of those days to the robots high schoolers compete with now , it is clear that technology has and will continue to develop incredibly fast.

This is what we’re working with robot tech-wise in 2016- pretty interesting stuff.

So too could rocket-powered car technology.  First of all, it seems like these tank/cars are pretty close to being able to play already, but since people are so PC they don’t like gladiators operating them.  So we should start with drone cars, they can even be on a smaller scale.  Keep progressing the technology, make the cars and arena bigger until it is real drivers, and figure out how to make the cars wreck-proof akin to NASCAR preventing deaths.

This is Moneybags’ ride in Rocket League…..always go with the Deadmau5 car!

OK so Step One: car technology- which will be covered in the next 5-10 years.  Then there’s the ball, the arena, and the whole rocket power thing. I’ll leave that to the science nerds to figure out.  Or maybe I’ll tackle it in a future(ist) read.

Final note: I would love to hear your thoughts or additions to our real life sport, or any other future sports ideas you have.  Hit @MoneybagsSmythe  with all comments/ insane future robot videos.