A RCS Staff Suggestion For Next Head Coach

Well the decision has been made that NC State will have a new head basketball coach next year, and thus begins all the media telling the Pack who they deserve and who is out of their league. Those guys don’t know what they are talking about anyway, so we polled the staff here at Raleigh City Sports to ask the question who should be the next coach.

JP: Pete Bell

Who is Pete Bell? Let me tell you about Pete Bell.

After a losing season with the Western University Dolphins, Bell oversaw a top recruiting class of Neon Boudeaux, Ricky Roe, and Butch McRae. The team turned around their fortunes, and the Dolphins upset the #1 team in the country in a nationally televised game.

After the shock victory, Coach Bell – with a guilty conscience stemming from recruiting violations – walked away from the game in a press conference and was last seen coaching high school basketball.

I think Bell could be the shot in the arm that Pack fans need. He’s passionate, goes above and beyond for his players (including getting his wife to tutor Boudeux personally), and has personality for press conferences.

Nevermind that I just described the entire  plot to the 1994 film Blue Chips, and that Paul Bell is a fictitious character played by actor Nick Nolte.

Note his passion when coaching against Rick Pitino:

JFK: Steve Lavin

Lavin is the most overrated coach probably ever in college basketball. He underachieved at UCLA with players who ended up hating him (see Baron Davis) and flamed out at St. John’s. Yet for some reason he is still a “name.” Someone will hire him again.

He was close to heading to State during that clusterf*** of a search in 2006 that ultimately produced Sidney Lowe. Remember? Lavin strung Lee Fowler along for like nine days before turning down the job. Yes, Lee Fowler waited nine days for an ESPN broadcaster to turn down the job.

We all know Yow will find a way to screw up the Archie Miller hire. So why not try another retread? His great hair and white sneakers will look fantastic for five years.

JET: CJ Leslie

Editors Note: This is literally all Jet said when the question was asked. He doesn’t need a reason. Take note, Debbie Yow.


Moneybags Smythe: Jordan Michael Houston, aka Juicy J, of Three 6 Mafia

1) He is Southern.

2) He is a basketball fan- “ballin til I’m fallin just like the movie Belly

3) He supports higher education- He actually ran the contest “twerking for a scholarship” and gave out a legit scholarship to the best youtube twerker!

4) You know his team would hustle.

Mike: Kevin Bacon 

I know it’s a long shot, and he probably won’t want to come here (I know, I know! Typical delusional State fan) but I go with Kevin Bacon. The reasons:

1) He’s from Philadephia. Hard-nosed basketball is engrained in our DNA.

2) He’s got a ton of connections and that should bode well on the recruiting trail

3) The Air Up There (besides being VASTLY underrated) shows his ability as both a teacher of the game and a leader of men.

Not sure what his current buyout is, but he’s definitely on my list.

Fitz: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Now that his college roommate Kevin Patrick is in town, it’s a perfect time to reunite them off Edwards Mill. Can you imagine The Rock staring down Roy Williams on the sideline, or doing his eye brow raise to the refs after they make another biased call against NC State? Also, it’s a guarantee that Jeff Goodman will be knocked off that b.s. high horse he’s got himself on.