Raleigh Ramblings: Gottfried, Faulk, and PNC Arena Music

I thought this week was going to be a quiet one: Canes on their bye week, outcome of State vs UNC a forgone conclusion, and North Carolina FC just assembling for the season. Well I was wrong. News started trickling in on Sunday afternoon and, even though we’ve addressed these topics before, I’m going to ramble on for good measure. I promise that you’ll like it better than if I described in detail how I beat Mike in NBA Jam on Saturday.

Mark Armstrong’s Report of Mark Gottfried Being Fired After The Season

Mark, that’s some cojones right there. Not a big enough bomb to drop for what your risking. Wrong and you may be able to catch a spot on the Channel 8 weekend sports update in Des Moines. If you’re right, everybody say: “NO DUH”. This is pretty much why we don’t break news a lot…we’re building our Raleigh capital to spend on the inevitable Dave Doeren and replacement Jon Gruden coming to town rumors. Either that or get a sneak peak at new concession stands in the PNC arena.

NC State has already called Mark’s claims “irresponsible”. Way to go Mark!   

Justin Faulk Being Included In Trade Talks

The good guys over at Canes Country dropped this article based on the above tweet. Trading Faulk doesn’t make sense in how GM Ron Francis has been building the team. (Full Disclaimer: I’m Team Faulk) I think we all just want some excitement and hoping a deal with the Avs comes to fruition. Most likely we’ll deal a fourth line forward, and in the off season take advantage of a cash strapped team to acquire some more young guys. Also, after how Sebastian Aho has played this year, that means Julien Gauthier and Nicolas Roy will do the same next year right? I think so guys!

Upgrades Needed For In Game Music at PNC Arena

This has been brewing for a long time. The DJs at both State and Hurricanes games have got to go. First off, the State version has the DJ  yelling in a mic to start the “WOLF-PACK” chant. It’s terrible. 

This brings us to Canes games and DJ Mista Illz…enough said.

Okay, okay. I shouldn’t criticize without suggestions. My recommendations for Hurricanes games are as follows:

1. Switch It Up Every Game

Going to games and hearing the same songs every time will wear on the crowd. Mix it up, but there’s no need for a DJ to be scratching it up. Also, don’t play top 40 hits all the time. Ever heard of Milkman’s “Revelry”? Definitely not, but it will blow the roof of the PNC Arena.

2. Must play “Pressure” by Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji

This song has been around but can do the job. It’s perfect for a TV timeout in the third period of a close game. It’ll even get Victor Rask’s head bobbing

3. Play Into The “Country” Stereotype

Let’s just embrace the stupid stereotype of hockey in North Carolina.  Blasting rock- bluegrass a few times a game would get the building going. Get the crowd holler’n and probably increase beer sales.