Quiet sports week so far for the Oak City but we’re looking forward to the Canes getting the win this weekend. Also, this weekend marks the first annual Raleigh City Sports Summit. Getting all the bloggers together in one place to talk shop, watch the Canes, and drink some beers. We’ll be down at Boxcar on Saturday afternoon so stop on by if you want to challenge Jet in ‘Track and Field’.  Also, we have t shirts now and we’ll give  some away through the weekend so stay tuned on twitter.

Also, Valentines Day is coming up so get off your butt and take your special someone to a romantic spot.

Now lets get into what you can do to tear it up this weekend:

Puppy Cupid Crawl: Saturday 1-4 pm. Raleigh Beer Garden

Dress your dog up in it’s favorite Valentines gear and hit up four bars in Glenwood South. Don’t have a dog? No worries you can still show up and do the bar portion of the Raleigh Games presented by Raleigh City Sports.  Bars include: Raleigh Beer Garden, Cornerstone, North Street Beer Station (Blogger’s Choice) and Dos Taquitos. Recommend hitting up Taquitos last to get some delicious Mexican food.  Cost is $20 and proceeds go to charity.

NC State Gymnastics vs William and Mary, Pittsburgh, and UNC: Saturday 7 pm, Reynolds Coliseum 

That’s a whole lot of schools in one place but look for the Wolfpack to come out on top. You’ll have plenty of time to recover from the puppy crawl to get on over to the newly renovated Reynolds Coliseum and cheer on the ladies. Tweet  to us pictures of you showing your Raleigh City Sports pride (thinking game day signs etc) at the meet and the best will enter to win a t shirt.

Raleigh City Sports Annual Summit at Boxcar:  Saturday Afternoon

We’ll be down there tearing it up and watching the Canes. We won’t be buying you beers but are willing to challenge anyone in any game in the building. Better bring it.