State Misery vs Florida State

“Another lifeless, embarrassing performance. Par for the course.”  ABC 11 sports anchor Mark Armstrong.

Really want my recap? Here it is. Florida State just went Charles Oakley on our ass. To get through, I needed some help from my old friend, Malloye (pictured). I know FSU is a really good team and may have what it takes to make a deep run in the tournament, but has there been a more predictable performance than what we saw tonight? We get out hustled, out rebounded and run out of the gym. I’ve seen more effort and passion watching Broughton or Millbrook. And that’s a shame!

I could into greater depth about this particular game, but it’s time to start looking at the bigger picture. Fitz already touched on Coach Mark Gottfried’s future, but this team has seemed to completely unravel over the last 4 games. Without getting into basketball specifics (rebounding, defense, ball movement, etc. and the stats behind them) the aforementioned lack of desire has become indicative of the Mark Gottfried era. I know the grass isn’t always greener, but it feels like we’re getting really close to finding that out.

Player of the Game: Leonard Hamilton

There were really too many options to choose from, so I’ll go with the architect. The ‘Noles have length, shooters and they play really hard. Must be nice. Also, he’s 68. He looks great. Karl Ravech and LaPhonso Ellis mentioned it a thousand times.

Honorable Mention: Xavier Rathan Mayes

XRM absolutely shut DSJ down tonight. He’s transformed his game on the offensive end and become a really good point guard.

What’s Next:

Our fearless Wolfpack (14-11, 3-9) head to the house of horrors that is Lawrence Joel Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum to take on the Deacs (14-10, 5-7). We’ll see which team shows up to play.


I usually use this space to discuss the walking fashion faux pa that is Heath Schroyer, but I want to keep this one in the basketball realm. If you want to watch a team that puts it all on the line every night, watch the Villanova Wildcats. I’m biased because my dad is an alum (1974 – dude’s old), but damn do those guys get after it. Do yourself a favor and tune in the next time they’re on.

Sidebar (Part Deux): Apologize for the cursing, but how many damn times do we have to hear about the Duke/Carolina rivalry during our game. Salt on the wound.