Hurricanes = The Mighty Ducks

This was originally posted in February, but we figured what better way to celebrate Hurricanes week by comparing Raleigh’s favorite hockey players to everyone’s favorite  Team USA.

The question everyone has been asking all week is, “Which members of the greatest pee wee ice hockey team in history do the Carolina Hurricanes emulate?” I’m talking about D2: The Mighty Ducks. Why D2? Because I watched all three recently and D2 is by far the best. It’s probably due to the patriotism of representing the USA (nevermind they ditched the Stars and Stripes for the Duck uniforms in the third period). Also, it’s funny that Canada didn’t even have a team in the Junior Goodwill Games. Anyways, here’s who your Carolina Hurricanes most resemble on D2’s Team USA/Ducks

Justin Faulk is Charlie Conway/Fulton Reed

How can two Ducks equal one Justin Faulk? Well let’s look at it. The Charlie Conway-part is the leader of the team – even though Faulk would never sit out a game like Conway did against Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Games. The Reed-part is mostly comprised of the slap shot. Unfortunately, no Hurricane brings the bash brother persona like Reed , so we’ll just take his slap shot (I know  the clip is from D1 but the internet doesn’t appreciate Reed’s play in D2 as much as we do):


Jeff Skinner is Kenny Wu

I know Kenny Wu was a figure skater, but this is no disrespect to Skinner. Wu’s game is pretty similar to Skinner’s. Both are undersized but have excellent skating ability and can score. The below video shows the similarities, except replace the triple lindy with Skinner’s ability to keep a possession alive. Basically, both have some fancy moves and are able to get in front of the net to punch one in.

Sebastian Aho is Luis Mendoza

Both are the new kids on the block and both are the best skaters on their team. Mendoza comes up huge in the shootout against Iceland. Aho is already our best player. In this analysis, forget the fact that Mendoza can’t stop and is somehow on a national team.

Jorge Alves is Jan

Jan is the best skate sharpener/equipment guy in Minnesota and Jorge is the best skate sharpener/ equipment guy/goalie in the NHL. Both are team players: Jorge does whatever needs to be done to help the club. Yan stays to mind the shop while his crazy brother Hans goes home to see their mother for the summer.

Victor Rask is Guy Germaine

Do you guys even remember Guy Germaine? Exactly, Guy was unassuming but could score at will. I think it matches Rask to a T. Also, Guy is always around Hot Connie so that means Rask probably gets the ladies .
Sidenote: The Iceland coach is a real dick.
All Carolina Hurricanes Photos Are Credited To Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes