State Recap: Syracuse

Welcome to NC State Basketball, ladies and gentlemen! Feeling comfortable with a 16 point lead and 8:45 left on the clock, the Pack couldn’t contain John Gillon and the Syracuse Orange down the stretch and lose in OT 100-93. In what certainly can be called a “game of runs,” State played great D in stretches, got transition 3’s, moved the ball well and made big shots but it was all for naught.

I come away from this game just feeling kind of feel numb. I should be more upset, but who among us was surprised to see the Pack give up a big lead to pretty much one guy? The effort has been there for the most part, but we just continue to be the most frustrating defensive team I can remember (and that’s saying A LOT for Gottfried coached team). If you told me told me DSJ would have another triple double (amazing feat) and we’d score 87 in regulation, I’d feel pretty good.

Player of the Game: John Gillon

Holy shit, the guy could not miss. Unreal. I think I heard Gary and Tony on the ride home say they think it’s greatest guard performance in the country all year. I agree, but it doesn’t make me feel better. Also, I think they’re forgetting that historically, NC State is the Oprah of giving away (allowing) career games.

Honorable Mention: Dennis Smith Jr., Maverick Rowan & Andrew White

Dennis Smith Jr. has a triple-double (13 PTS 11 REB 15 AST) and Mav knocks down 8 threes (31 points) and we lose?!?! I could go into how much I enjoy watching these two guys, but I won’t because I’m sick of talking about their wasted talent and my wasted time.

Andrew White flirted with the Pack several times over three different recruitment cycles (HS, transfer, then transfer) only to drop 28 and put us away in overtime.

What’s Next:

NC State (14-9, 3-7) welcome the Miami Hurricanes (14-7,  4-5) to PNC Arena on Saturday. I would say it’s a must-win, but I think it’s assumed they’re all pretty much must-wins at this point. We’ll win this one because the basketball gods are cruel and that’s classic Pack.


On the Coach Schroyer front…straight up man D! Well done! But, now I know why we don’t play straight man. Also, disappointed because he’s off the wagon again in regards to the all-black. I’ve given my advice and that’s all I can do.

Outside of the game last night, I was extremely disappointed in the XPogo Stunt team halftime. I drank the kool-aid beforehand and was pretty jazzed only to realize that it was literally two guys pogo’ing over a bar. Lame.