NC Courage Unveil New Jerseys: A RCS Verdict

It has been a busy few weeks for news with NCFC and the Courage. There have been multiple player announcements, a head coach hired, and an application sent to MLS for expansion.

But late last week, the Courage debuted their new jerseys that they will wear for the upcoming NWSL season, and we here at Raleigh City Sports decided to take a moment and give you our honest opinions of them. Why? Because we care.

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Home Jersey

The first thing that jumps out to me is that Nike is the manufacturer for the Courage (and all other NWSL teams), whereas adidas supplies NCFC. So we are looking at Dri-Fit compared to ClimaCool.

As we see above, the Courage is using the same color scheme as NCFC’s home jerseys. Unlike NCFC, this jersey has no hidden blue lines and moves the gold to the collar instead of on the sleeves.

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Away Jersey

Ah, there are all the lines. I don’t see any gold, but maybe the lettering will be in gold like NCFC. To be honest there’s not a lot to say about this one. I’m a little let down.


This one is pretty easy for me. I love the gold collar on the Home jersey, so that’s where my money would go if I had to pick one. Maybe I’ll rock it one day, and the NCFC away another day. Here is what the other RCS staff think:

Mike : “Love them both. Very classy. Not sure how they’re going to fit with my build, but I’ll make it work.”

JFK : “I like the jerseys – they tie in well with the NCFC jerseys. I like the home blues a lot. I have the same sentiments about the aways as I had for the men … they are a little bland. Would like some blue accents or something to give it something extra.”

Fitz : “Wow nice. I really like whites with the grey stripes – but as I stated before I’m a slob, so can’t wear ’em. The blues are phenomenal! The gold collars really make the jerseys. I look good in gold chains so I will get the blue for sure. No worries Mike, they make ’em in men’s cuts.”

Moneybags : “The white one has grown on me, I still think the blue one is kinda lame.  Would look great with $$$$$$$ as my name across the back.”

I’m pretty sure he thought we were still talking about the NCFC jerseys, but who knows.


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