Ideas for NCFC Stadium Features

Right now the only thing we know about North Carolina FC’s proposed MLS stadium is that it will have a translucent roof. I mean, that’s pretty cool but it really leaves the door wide open for other features. I’ve got some suggestions – some real gems. Most of the ideas would be even better if the stadium was downtown (HINT HINT).


The Party Plaza would be right outside the stadium for fans who are way past their athletic primes (me) to come and get excited before games. The plaza would have a big screen TV (I’m talking massive) to show pump up videos, and an open air bar so one can continue to push their body past it’s prime. Also, it should have a small  food court that includes Clyde Cooper’s, Snoopy’s, and Char-Grill. Bonus Revenue Maker: The space can be utilized on non game days as an outdoor sports bar.


Comissioned on Behalf of Raleigh City Sports
Hear me out on this one: everyone wants to go to soccer games,but what happens when it’s July, 90 degrees, and you’ve been in the Party Zone for far too long? Pretty much death. No better way to cool off before a game than a splash pad. Jacksonville Jaguars have their pool and so do the Arizona Diamondbacks, but honestly those pools look disgusting. Let’s get something with serious circulation to cool people off.  Above you can see a design of a splash pad. We contacted NCFC’s architect, Gensler, for the design but this is all they would give us at our price point.


Don’t do this. The Canes have one and it’s not cool. Just save some money for the Splash Pad and get a good playlist going.


So after every North Carolina FC and Courage goal something cool needs to happen. It probably should be something to do with aviation. However, hiring a fighter jet to be in a holding pattern sounds expensive (but awesome). So I’ve come up with an idea where a plane shoots across the stadium on a wire with pyrotechnics coming out the back of the plane. Above is a conceptual drawing. I did it myself because we spent all our money on the Splash Pad design.

Honestly, my brain hurts from creating these ideas. I’m sure the #919toMLS crowd has some great ideas for stadium additions, so let us know by tweeting at us or keep the Splash Pad alive by using hashtag #MLSplashDown.