RECAP: NC State vs Louisville

Didn’t everybody in Raleigh see this coming? Have we seen it before? People have been saying NC State gets a big win and then will lose the next game. Well, NC State lived up to the predictions and got their doors blown off by Louisville 85-60.

State continued to allow uncontested shots but, unlike Duke, Louisville was able to take advantage of this no defense Wolfpack squad and shot 50% from the field and from three. Listen, Louisville is a good team so expectations weren’t high for the Pack this time out. But come on, if you’re not going to play defense then at least have a high powered offense.

Positive Spin: Abu had a nice offensive game. He’s starting to hit his NBA range shot so that’s a good thing for the Pack.

What’s Next?: NC State drops to 13-8 (3-6 ACC) and returns to Raleigh to meet Syracuse on Wednesday.

Last week I outlined a piece on why Gottfried may not be the best fit for the program and  I was going to post after this game. However, after the Duke win, I tabled it thinking maybe it’s starting to workout. What was I thinking? Check back Tuesday for GottFIRED…get it? Maybe too harsh…how about GottNeedsImprovement.

Sidenote: Coach Schoyer wore the black again. Mike says “Stop It!”