Monster Jam’n

Most people my age and without kids would spend their Saturday evening going out for dinner/drinks. Not me… I take my wife out to get drinks with a side of metal machines jumping and flinging dirt inside a confined area. I’m talking about MONSTER JAM! Don’t get no better than that boys.

Every kid has an infatuation with monster trucks (I was a big Bigfoot guy) but I haven’t given trucks much thought since I was six years old. That is until now.

It started out with Carolina Crusher just showing off:

Then all of a sudden a shark truck came out of no where! Big shark truck guy now

I found the truck driver clubhouse. Freddy, the ten year old sitting next to me, said this is where the drivers drink whiskey and smoke cigars….guy stuff.

Incinerator comes in and kind of hits cars. Makes sense why it didn’t look cool…Incinerator sucks.


Finally figured out how the PNC’s ceiling gets dirty…Monster Trucks.

Carolina Crusher wins it! Gotta love when a North Carolina guy pulls out the victory!

Let me tell you this Monster Jam business is A LOT of fun. I  recommend it to anybody.

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  1. Megalodon stole the show! And yes, Incinerator was terrible. Kids were disappointed Grave Digger wasn’t there.

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