NCFC Says Yup to 5, Nope to 6

NCFC announced today that they will be picking up options on five players, while declined to renew the options of six others. The five who will stick around are Brian Sylvestre, Macklin Robinson, Paul Black, Kareem Moses, and Brian Shriver – two goalkeepers, two defenders, and a forward, respectively.


Sylvestre, if you remember, is currently over in Croatia with Nazmi Albadawi training with NK Istra 1961 so his option being picked up was pretty much a given. Shriver was second in goals scored for the Railhawks last season behind Matt Fondy, while Black and Moses each contributed in over 20 games. Robinson looks one for the future.

Unfortunately, NCFC also waved goodbye to Akira Fitzgerald, Mickey Daly, Drew Beckie, Mitch Garcia, Marvin Ceballos, and Aly Alberto Hassan. Beckie looks like he is getting a shot to go back to the MLS with the Chicago Fire, but his absence will be felt. NCFC also looks to be negotiating the contracts of Billy Schuler, Omar Bravo, and Austin da Luz. All three have had their contracts expire but NCFC looks to not want to let them go just yet.

Just in case you need a reminder of the current roster, here it is:

Goalkeepers (2): Brian Sylvestre, Macklin Robinson

Defenders (5): Connor Tobin, Simon Mensing, Steven Miller, Kareem Moses, Paul Black

Midfielders (4): Tiyi Shipalane, Nazmi Albadawi, Matt Watson, James Marcelin

Forwards (2): Matt Fondy, Brian Shriver

Just going off that, it looks like NCFC needs to add at least 10 more players. Hopefully the partnership with our Croatian pals will bring in a couple of new bodies, as well as NCFC making the right moves in the market.

Let us know below what you think the club will do before the season starts. Shoutout to E-40 for the inspiration behind the headline.

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