Just trying to hang or you taking the special lady out on the town? Either way we got you covered. Check out whats happening this weekend in the Oak City.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes sit three points out of the final playoff spot and play Friday (Sabres-7:30 PM) and Saturday (Islanders- 7:00 PM) at the PNC. This is the most talented team we’ve seen in a long time so lets get out there and get things fired up.

Photo: Gregg Forwerck, Carolina Hurricanes
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Lynnwood Brewing Concern

Best place to have a beer inside the beltline. Mike and I are there all the time. Drinking beers and talking Raleigh sports. If you wanna join, just tweet @FITZ

Tobacco Road-Raleigh

The old Natty Green’s, Tobacco Road took over the historic Powerhouse  space and opened last weekend. Great set-up, solid food, and a game room with a pop-a-shot. Check it out for the football playoffs before the Hurricanes game. Also, during the snow (sleet?) storm a guy was rolling around the place in a all cotton blue sweatsuit….we see you!

The Rockford

One of my favorites. If looking to get away from noisy Glenwood South, then walk up the stairs and grab their fish tacos. Solid drink menu as well.

If you can do two of the above then you can consider your weekend a success.  Get after it!

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