Hurricanes Alternates Going Away?

Little known fact: Back in the summer of 2002 I sent an email to the Carolina Hurricanes suggesting a third jersey with the alternate logo moved to the center and the main color being black.  It must have had an impact because I received an email back thanking me for my suggestion but they were happy with their current jersey sales. Fast forward six years to 2008 and boom it’s a reality!! If only I had access to my hotmail account then I could prove it!!

Why do I bring this up? Because the alternate black jersey is most likely going away for a little while. Yea….the baddest thirds in the league…gone.

Earlier today it was reported that starting with the 2017-2018 NHL season each team will only be allowed two jerseys. This has been attributed to making it easier for Adidas to take over the jersey manufacturing from Reebok.

Can we save the third alternate for the Canes? I think we should try! #Keep3s

I wasn’t a huge fan of the redesign a few years back and wouldn’t have an issue seeing one of them go away.

I’d vote out the red so that we still have a classic white for road games and rock the all black at home.

Most likely they will keep the home and aways and drop the blacks. However, there is hope the third jerseys could be back after next season. This wouldn’t be a bad thing because they do need to upgrade the numbers on the thirds to be in line with the current  home and aways. Also, I’m sure Adidas has some tricks up their sleeves.

 Cover Photo Credit: Gregg Forwerck, Carolina Hurricanes