NCFC Reveals Home and Away Kits: A RCS Verdict

After North Carolina FC unveiled their away kit yesterday on Twitter, we now know what the players will look like as they take the field for their inaugural season in 2017.  Join me as I break down each of them, and read the staff’s verdicts.

Away Kit

Photo Courtesy of North Carolina FC (

Solid white kit with gold numbering and trim. Look familiar? Either way, this kit is very classy. I especially like the “NCFC” on the back of the socks and the collar on the jersey.
Home Kit

Photo Courtesy of North Carolina FC (

The original reveal of the home kit only had the jersey, but the club recently released a picture of both kits (above) that shows the home shorts. Like the away kit, the home has gold numbering and trim. The jersey has very subtle lighter blue horizontal lines.


At this moment, I think the away kit looks the best of the two. NCFC might have a plan for an alternate kit (my bet would be red) and we are yet to know which sponsor is going to be on the front, which could change my opinion. Here is what the other RCS staff think:


Mike : “I love the home blues. That Atlantic blue is sharp with the gold. I also love the light hoops, but I would prefer they’d be all the same width. These are by far my favorite.

The aways are nice, but as others have noted, very bland. I like that they mixed it up with the collar though.
Overall, I like the new look and this, once again, is a move away from the ‘minor league look’. Classic. I LOVE the NCFC on the back on the socks. I hope they do something bold with the alternate kit though and maybe an ode to Raleigh or the Triangle.”


JFK : ” I like the home unis – the horizontal stripes are cool. The away unis are fine but kind of bland.”


Fitz : “Home Kit all the way! The blue looks great and the faint horizontal stripes remind me of an older style jersey.  Also really like the gold trim on the home shorts. This is nothing against the away kit, it’s just I have a criteria for jerseys:

1. Is it cool? By that I mean breathable…I run a little hot.

2. Can I pull off wearing it? Lots of people hate on jersey-wearers. Those people suck.

3. When I spill something on it, will it be ruined?
I think it passes all but the third criteria, which is a personal issue but that’s where it stands.”


Moneybags :  “Pretty damn boring.”


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