Full disclosure: I’m not a soccer guy….yet. We have a lot of talented soccer guys writing for Raleigh City but I have yet to dip my toe in that world. That being said, I’m thoroughly impressed with North Carolina FC and their re-brand.(For those not aware go check out Mike’s piece.)

Basically, the football (soccer?) club in Raleigh uses #NCFC to spread the word. This is the same hashtag that Norwich City FC, a team in the English Championship League, uses for their matches.  As you can see in the tweet below (since deleted) a Norwich loyalist nails it with the stereotypes of an American who lives in North Carolina.

Instead of backing down and just changing the hashtag like certain people like to do in South Carolina, the new  #NCFC performs polite trolling and just rolls  with the fact we definitely stole their hashtag. Yesterday afternoon, as a teaser to unveiling of the uniform , NCFC ‘revealed’ a fake alternate jersey that looked just like the Norwich City’s home kit.

So now we got ourselves a twitter beef here in Raleigh. I applaud the real NCFC for playing along – it’s like what the comedians always say on the Netflix documentaries, “Always be self-deprecating”. 

This exchange got me thinking: I feel like other teams in Raleigh should do the same thing. 

For instance, the Hurricanes should start attacking other teams on twitter. Here’s a quick scenario off the top of my head:

Carolina Hurricanes: Hey @Buffalo Sabres…y’all suck

Sabres: Oh okay…talk to us when you have attendance

Hurricanes: You may be right about the attendance thing but at least we don’t live in Buffalo.