PDG Reassigned: Should He Have Been Able To Compete In The Raleigh Games Presented By Raleigh City Sports?

The Hurricanes announced the reassignment of Phil Di Giuseppe this afternoon. The announcement came as Jordan Staal has recovered from his concussion and should return Tuesday night. Combine Staal’s return with the expected return of forward Elias Lindholm and it lead to the odd man out scenario in Raleigh. Since having to go to the City of Charlotte, South Carolina is bad enough there has to be a fair way to go about reassignments. We know GM Ron Francis has a tough job so we’re about to make it a little easier for the People’s GM. Raleigh City Sports suggests ‘The Raleigh Games presented by Raleigh City Sports’

‘The Raleigh Games presented by Raleigh City Sports’ consists of four events around the capital city. The players in question will have to compete in all the events. The player with the highest amount of points will get to stay in Raleigh while the loser has to go play for the minor league team in Charlotte.

The events are as follows:

  1. Quickest to find parking at Cameron Village on a Saturday in December.

2. Fastest to go to all three Inside the Beltline Snoopy’s Hot Dog locations and eat the 2 Hot Dog Combo at each

3. Actually make a left turn on Wade Ave during rush hour. (This is only for the competition. If you do this in your daily life then we hate you).

4. Lastly, since all the driving is out of the way, one will need to complete the Glenwood South challenge. The challenge is going to every bar and drink a beer. By our tally that’s 7 or so bars. Quickest to finish gets the points.

Please note Raleigh City Sports does not support binge drinking. We support local businesses.