“They kind of came in here and thought they could punk us. I ain’t no punk…” – Beejay Anya

NC State may not be ranked in the top 25 but they should be ranked as being the most polite team in the country. State continuously welcomes their inferior opponents into town by letting them kick their feet up and feel right at home. However, State got it going with 13 min left and forced the win in OT 67-55. State was led by Terry Henderson and Beejay Anya. No seriously, Anya channeled sophomore Beejay and put up 12 points, 14 boards and 7 blocks. He ain’t no punk.

Theme: Lazy Saturday afternoon feel. Tigers were a chippy team but they learned not to poke the cub.

Villains Gotta Vil: I want to give it to the whole team but I settled with Tahjere McCall. I heard he’s from Charlotte, South Carolina so it makes sense.

Player of The Game:  DMV’s own Beejay Anya. I haven’t seen that sort of play from him since the game versus LSU in the tourney a few years back. Here’s to Anya channeling this game into something more as he fights for playing time.

Whats Next?:  State will finish exams and then return to the PNC Arena on Thursday against Appalachian State. The game will be  the debut of Omer Yurtseven who’s coming off suspension for what the NCAA deemed as making too much Turkish Gold. Rumor was he was taking the gambling advice of our own Moneybags Smythe. Actually, he didn’t but you should and see if you can make some NFL monies. Raleigh City Sports will be at the  App State game and we want everyone to show their support for this website and wear red. It’ll mean a lot.

Fun Fact: Reynolds Coliseum opened in 1948. Who was their first opponent? Times up….It was Washington and Lee University.